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Music and Lyrics by Doreen Taylor

(c) 2015 Doreen Taylor Music, LLC



Pull my strings

I'll do anything

You're my boy

So I can be your toy

If you're not, then I don't play


If you dare

You must handle with care

If you don't

I won't come with a spare

If you break me, then it's over



I'm your toy     (I've been thinking of you)

I'm your toy     (I've been dreaming of you)

I'm your toy     (I've been wanting you)

Wind me up and watch me go


Touch my heart

To make me start

Play with me

'Til my batteries run out

If you want it, come and get it


I go all night

If you play with me right

But take heed...yeah

That you know I need

If you're game, then let's start playing


Repeat Chorus




I've been locked inside this box

Never letting anyone in

I need you to rescue me baby

I'm dreaming of you, wanting you,

I'm thinking of you


I'm your toy.....







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